How to Use Your Followers


With the right followers, it’s possible to get yourself a piece of genuine Highmaul raid loot without ever setting foot inside the raid. Before you endeavor to do this, you should know that the Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are basically required to do this in any sane amount of time. You need both buildings to get enough follower armor and weapon upgrades, as these missions require a roster of ilvl 645+ followers to complete.
Your first raid mission will unlock when you have 3 followers at 645 or higher item level.
The mission should stick around for at least a couple days if you want to spend some time getting other followers ready.
After completing a raid mission, your next one will unlock 2 weeks later.
Any piece of loot from the raid appropriate to your loot specialization can drop, with the exception of weapons. Just like normal drops, these can be warforged, socketed, or have tertiary stats.
The quality of loot is based on your current progression in the raid itself:
Normal caches (ilvl 655 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 0-14 bosses in normal mode.
Heroic caches (ilvl 670 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in normal mode.
Mythic caches (ilvl 685 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in heroic mode.
Mythic caches plus a bonus of 1000 gold are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in mythic mode.

User Interface 6.1 – New Heirloom System


With World of Warcraft patch 6.1, official implementing a new system for managing and using your heirloom items.

When official implement patch 6.1, all heirloom items will be automatically added into the new system and you’ll be credited for them across your account. At the time, heirlooms will be modified to obtain maximum levels that fall into one of three groups: 1-60, 61-90, and 91-100. Your heirloom items will all be grandfathered into whichever group is appropriate, with previous maximum levels being upgraded. This means that if you have an heirloom item that previously maxed out at level 85, it will now max out at 90.
Heirlooms with a View

You’ll use this new system much as you use other collections in WoW. After patch 6.1, you’ll log into a character, open your collections screen (default hotkey shift-P) and all of the heirloom items that you’ve previously obtained on any character in your account will appear there. (Please note that you’ll need to log in to every character that currently has heirloom items in their bags or bank or void storage in order to add their heirlooms to the collection. Heirloom items that are currently in the mail will need to be retrieved before they get credited to your master list.)

You can generate a new copy of any of your heirloom items for any of your characters by right-clicking on it, and the newly-generated item will appear in your bags.

A common question official received about this new heirloom system is, “What’s going to happen with heirloom items that I’ve previously enchanted?” Nothing will change with those items. If you have a piece of enchanted heirloom gear on a character today, it will still be there exactly as before. You can still use it and send it to other characters on your account as always. With this new system, you’ll be able to generate additional, unenchanted copies of that item for your characters.
Mounting up at Level 1

Official also introducing a new achievement and mount reward with Patch 6.1. The Heirloom Hoarder achievement requires 35 different heirloom items obtained on your account, and rewards the new Chauffeured Chopper mount. It’s a mount that can be used by all characters, even brand new level 1 characters. Of course, your new level 1 mage doesn’t know how to operate a mount yet, so he’ll ride passenger while driver Koak Hoburn mans the chopper.
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Survival Nerfs and BlizzCon Tees


Within the community and Beta, this week has been a busy one for Hunters. There has been no feedback from the developers as to why Beta continues to nerf Survival Hunters. I have been getting premature gray hairs thinking about the logic behind the reasoning for these drops on the current lowest DPS spec in the Hunter tiers.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the issues with Survival on Beta for a moment; there are quite a bit of them. I feel like the majority of the problems started for the spec not at the beginning of the Alpha cycle, but rather when Celestalon played a Marksman Hunter during the Beta “Play with the Blues” event when the community was allowed the chance to vote for which class and spec combination he should play.

Before that event, Survival had a few mechanical problems but the damage output was fine. I personally combined Fervor to play with the stacks of Lock and Load and enjoyed the skill-cap it provided. My only complaints about pre-Celestalonapocalypse with Survival were the issue many players were also having-becoming Focus starved. I was secretly hoping the changes he promised in his Hunter blog post were going to be about fixing the class and all specs. Instead, he ended up completely destroying Survival and requiring no skill to play it. Marksman was greeted with the “blue hug of death.” Beast Mastery, on the other hand, remains untouched and only nerfed slightly.

I honestly felt like Survival was incredibly fun prior to the relentless nerfs. I was excited when Celestalon announced the reversion to the way the current MoP Lock and Load works. Post-Celestalonapocalype introduced the upheaval of the entire Survival specialization; including all new Barrage changes, Lock and Load to be working in its current state it is on live, Explosive Shot still only costing 15 Focus, the removal or Fervor-to be replaced by Steady Focus, A Murder of Crows lasting one minute, and nerfs to the Focus regeneration on Dire Beast.

These changes, frankly, ruined the game-play of Survival. There is barely much to the game play involved in the specialization in comparison to how Marksmanship and Beast Mastery play currently in Beta. Blizzard’s version of a cooldown for Survival was the old Lock and Load stacking five stacks, which was basically a nice compensation to “burst”; without that, the spec has zero burst mechanics. The two “freebies” that are entirely RNG based are completely dull in comparison to Bestial Wrath or Rapid Fire. The lack of non RNG burst combined with no execute makes the spec incredibly boring to play and provides no reward in damage output.

Beast Mastery has strong AoE and Marksmanship provides decent cleave to two to four targets. Also, both BM and MM are solid for single target. What is Survival’s niche? It can weakly multi-dot things! Without the Lock and Load stacking and level 60 talent changes, you are constantly focus-satisfied without a fair exchange for the lack of damage output compared to the other two specs-in all aspects of DPS.

We have seen Explosive Shot nerfs, Serpent Sting nerfs, and even Black Arrow nerfs! With nerfs each Beta build to Survival specifically, it is currently on the bottom of meters across various Simulation Craft modules. There were rumors of Survival getting Haste to scale with dots, but this has been declined for now.

This has me curious, I have to ask- is there something we are missing about the spec? Is there a piece of the puzzle all of us are missing about this spec? Like in the Iron Maidens Dungeon Journal, there was an entire mechanic missing from it-is something similar going on? I credit the hard work of the developers of this game, but I feel, since post-Celestalonapocalype, we have been very much in the dark about anything now for any Hunter updates. We are far from polished across all specializations, but I feel Survival is in dire need for some kind of change. What can this spec bring to a raid group?

I hope this small tidbit of insight gives players a decent feel for the major problems with Survival currently in Beta. As much as I love the Marksmanship lovin’, I do not appreciate not being able to have a specialization of a pure DPS class be viable for any aspect of this game-PvE and PvP alike.

Thanks to the effort of a short notice work, Atomic has finally finished our design and they are now available to order online here! There are lots of fun goodies and all types of shirts for men and women to buy.

A lot of folks had some questions about the shirts. They are non-profit-Yes, non-profit! This means no one but the company we are printing these shirts from are getting a dime. The website is being run and supported generously already. Adding commission to the shirts would not be fair for any party involved due to the quick nature of production on the shirts. That’s not to say that this design is not amazing looking, we were just stressing to get at least SOME kind of updated WHU brand out there.


You can get your back custom printed. I will send you a personal link to you if you choose to get one. Just PM me on Facebook, Twitter, or message any of the staff here for your back design!


Please feel free to follow Atomic on Twitter @demisonfire, he is the artist for the first round of shirts!
ALSO: We will have more designs this week from Miava to be ready to go as well, so stay tuned for that!

Final thought of the night; What do you think should be changed with Survival? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget about the level one Hogger raid to kick off the Hunting Party Podcast SATURDAY, September 27th at 9:30pm central! Just make a dwarf on Icecrown or Malygos, we will be using the original WHU guild! One random raider will receive a free WHU lanyard mailed to them (even if you can’t make BlizzCon!!!)

To Find A Good Website To Buy Wow Gold


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Which are the Protector Area 5. 3 Success Manual within Amazing

5. 3 is nearly on all of us! Just like each and every route I’m right here to investigate the actual forthcoming modifications which means you do not need to. Exactly what in the event you worry about? Exactly what in the event you disregard? Allows discover! Peace right now focuses on 12 raid people (up through 5) every time this mends whenever utilized in the 25-player example. This particular alter additionally pertains to gamers while using Symbiosis edition associated with Peace.

Tag from the Crazy experienced it’s mana price decreased in order to 5%, lower through 10%. Excellent alter with regard to 25m Parents, as well as just about all Druids truly. Lengthy past due should you wow gold ideal request me personally, however certainly happy it’s right here right now. Pressure associated with Character isn’t any lengthier upon worldwide cooldown as well as summons just one Treant. The actual Treant no more includes a manage club, instantly utilizes it’s unique capabilities about the Druids present focus on, as well as builds up 1 cost each and every 20 mere seconds up to and including optimum associated with 3 costs.

This can be a excellent style alter with regard to FoN, however regrettably this nevertheless continues to be fairly ineffective. Needing to contend towards Incarnation causes it to be extremely hard with regard to something to become of the same quality. It’s the part of the best path, however, you may nevertheless properly disregard this.

This particular doesnt truly alter something. Just about all it will is actually reduce the quantity of Competence you have to fulfill confirmed RIGHT tolerance. The worthiness associated with Competence in accordance with Endurance with regard to RIGHT continues to be very horrible. To learn more, take a look at my personal prior publish regarding RIGHT.

There is several common modifications which are occurring too. Product updates tend to be back again! The actual query regarding Parents everybody may quickly request is actually Exactly what will i update very first? The solution is really as usually Anything you will not substitute whenever quickly. In the event that it’s the connect particular slot machines such as weaponry, upper body, thighs, helm, as well as mementos proceed very first. You then certainly choose thunderforged items, after which normal items.

Gamers are now able to decide to obtain loot with regard to specializations besides the main one that is presently energetic. This particular function could be utilized through right-clicking about the personality family portrait as well as choosing the possibility in the drop-down checklist. Loot specialty area can be obtained with regard to reward comes, Raid Locater, as well as Pandarian mission benefits. Make sure you read the weblog: Area 5. 3 Provides Off-Spec Loot as well as Benefits to have an in-depth description associated with the way the Loot Specialty area program works.

Warcraft Offers Tradable Registration Forex


Six-point-one. Which is all you could Warcraft participants must notice to have excited for your fresh yr. The particular dev staff got a quick stop inside going inside every one of the funds coming from Warlords regarding Draenor revenue to share with you what exactly is discovering Spot 6. 1 and a offered fresh registration forex.

The particular spot, that may enter tests shortly, can consist of advancements to be able to garrisons, any famous friends, the opportunity to send out twitter updates from your video game, the newest Blood vessels Elf designs, reduced airline flight learn avenues, offers regarding browsing friends’ garrisons, as well as the fresh treasure assortment loss.

A whole lot larger as compared to this kind of media will be phrase in which Blizzard will be “exploring” incorporating any registration forex in which appears like EVENT Online’s PLEX. The particular offered thought will allow participants to be able to trade game-time bridal party regarding in-game rare metal: “Our existing considered with this will be which it would certainly offer participants ways to utilize their particular extra rare metal to pay a few of their particular registration expense, although offering participants which could have a smaller amount enjoy moment an alternative regarding getting rare metal coming from some other participants by way of a genuine and also protected method.

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The author Wilson is generally departing from Diablo 3

Presently the author Wilson by his own, Processed a line with regards to the Diablo 3 discussion boards, On the subject of tiger woods posting those Diablo 3 development. A major online video sport maker becomes to become or stay picked up. The first allergic typical response around the message boards moreover reddit, Might spectators are happy over your boyfriend’s determination.

From the state user discussion sites:

I want to everybody to be some of the first one to recognize that I’ve created important investment that’s near my best life, And exactly how essentially are inclined to have an impact on one’s destiny of Diablo.

Recently i renowned get seven-Year house warming doing Diablo III, Although it’s resulted in the most exciting and praising amounts of time of warring, I’ve hit an argument artistically specifically how I’m getting excited about using something totally new. Endless where it be at Blizzard were definitely nice sufficient to deliver gamble. Throughout up coming a few months, I’ll be transferring away from the Diablo III product and as well, shifting someplace else from Blizzard. Associated with answer were a pretty basic one cousin, Certainly not one once again. effortlessly, Having said that consequently it’s what i am meets your needs.

Typically very initial thing i would like to assure every body is that the will not detrimentally results our very own current reinforce of the Diablo III. How to play craps was not provided by yourself, Not even it, And the c’s that a majority of added distinct obsession and impressive abilities in it isn’t intended virtually any place. We’ve a good deal of foods calculated money, And the wonderful arrangements will certainly distribute send when customary. Also i won’t you should indeed stay breaking the c’s, And will continue to be at hand in cross over months in the end detect who will control responsibilities as well equally golf contest home.

To that time, You shouldn’t be blown away at you may notice work to do posting for a sport overseer using Diablo III, As we want to assure we experience virtually opportunity to find the perfect direction for you to the present. We’re anticipating finding chore but listening to particular hott recommendations they can offer.

I’m satisfied with Diablo III, And simply without regard to particularly variation oftentimes at length let pass town that will have created almost it. I think I watch out for a lot of problems in running of which relationships, On the contrary the actual motives has been you should use a great casino get, And turn into as uncork and open as it can, And also on the other hand inserting in keeping with the thought the Diablo party has already for the game of craps.

Recognize just a few of you are we can droped shorter than our best wishes to discharge this mmorpg “when it’s handy.” as you are we’re n’t flawless, We try to enjoy the best procedures you can with the text so specifics you’ll find that during the time. Which in turn doesn’t result in many ordinarily make the right choices, It’s just that since a lot of people made an error in judgment then i find myself an excellent’ve made energy to mend in which.

This is exactly what a person rely on away due to Blizzard: We have will on standby personal golf gaming programs and make sure you in many instances greatly enhance consumers eventually. I known the advice to ideas from the city. As an example, Our group contracted the fact Diablo III’s itemization at unveil was bad enough, So they crafted multiple shifts, As well as adjusting move plans, Lso are also-Intonation legendaries, In addition, putting lots of new circumstances to the hand. When i sometimes contracted which a end video clip arena appropriate even alot further deep, So the c’s put in unique competitions, And as well as novel things just as enormous electrical energy floors Paragon.

Responsibility to making our on-line adventure titles as good as they possibly can be will be supports to become a usually Blizzard as characterized a sportbusiness, Hence devotion never ever stops for my family for a dispatch agreed delivery appointment. In conjunction having your improve, We’ll in order to play, Argue, Moreover lower Diablo III, Because we’ve done collectively Blizzard video.

To this ending, Replacement garden 1.0.7 is usually ongoing, Our PTR will exist, And there are several other wonderful landmarks beer making in order over Diablo in 2013. I’m stepping out of Diablo III in pleasant palm, As well my own passing away will not be endanger the move on of the adventure even when we carry on doing anything you do: Enjoy, do, And in addition recover.

You’re the most affectionate, Professional range of players a designer brand can potentially wish to have. I would like it if you take care, And wish to appreciate thus, causing this to be a remarkable experiences for my situation. You want to keep axes clear, Your primary enter textetraining courses ready, In which handy satan down.