Within the community and Beta, this week has been a busy one for Hunters. There has been no feedback from the developers as to why Beta continues to nerf Survival Hunters. I have been getting premature gray hairs thinking about the logic behind the reasoning for these drops on the current lowest DPS spec in the Hunter tiers.

Let’s briefly discuss some of the issues with Survival on Beta for a moment; there are quite a bit of them. I feel like the majority of the problems started for the spec not at the beginning of the Alpha cycle, but rather when Celestalon played a Marksman Hunter during the Beta “Play with the Blues” event when the community was allowed the chance to vote for which class and spec combination he should play.

Before that event, Survival had a few mechanical problems but the damage output was fine. I personally combined Fervor to play with the stacks of Lock and Load and enjoyed the skill-cap it provided. My only complaints about pre-Celestalonapocalypse with Survival were the issue many players were also having-becoming Focus starved. I was secretly hoping the changes he promised in his Hunter blog post were going to be about fixing the class and all specs. Instead, he ended up completely destroying Survival and requiring no skill to play it. Marksman was greeted with the “blue hug of death.” Beast Mastery, on the other hand, remains untouched and only nerfed slightly.

I honestly felt like Survival was incredibly fun prior to the relentless nerfs. I was excited when Celestalon announced the reversion to the way the current MoP Lock and Load works. Post-Celestalonapocalype introduced the upheaval of the entire Survival specialization; including all new Barrage changes, Lock and Load to be working in its current state it is on live, Explosive Shot still only costing 15 Focus, the removal or Fervor-to be replaced by Steady Focus, A Murder of Crows lasting one minute, and nerfs to the Focus regeneration on Dire Beast.

These changes, frankly, ruined the game-play of Survival. There is barely much to the game play involved in the specialization in comparison to how Marksmanship and Beast Mastery play currently in Beta. Blizzard’s version of a cooldown for Survival was the old Lock and Load stacking five stacks, which was basically a nice compensation to “burst”; without that, the spec has zero burst mechanics. The two “freebies” that are entirely RNG based are completely dull in comparison to Bestial Wrath or Rapid Fire. The lack of non RNG burst combined with no execute makes the spec incredibly boring to play and provides no reward in damage output.

Beast Mastery has strong AoE and Marksmanship provides decent cleave to two to four targets. Also, both BM and MM are solid for single target. What is Survival’s niche? It can weakly multi-dot things! Without the Lock and Load stacking and level 60 talent changes, you are constantly focus-satisfied without a fair exchange for the lack of damage output compared to the other two specs-in all aspects of DPS.

We have seen Explosive Shot nerfs, Serpent Sting nerfs, and even Black Arrow nerfs! With nerfs each Beta build to Survival specifically, it is currently on the bottom of meters across various Simulation Craft modules. There were rumors of Survival getting Haste to scale with dots, but this has been declined for now.

This has me curious, I have to ask- is there something we are missing about the spec? Is there a piece of the puzzle all of us are missing about this spec? Like in the Iron Maidens Dungeon Journal, there was an entire mechanic missing from it-is something similar going on? I credit the hard work of the developers of this game, but I feel, since post-Celestalonapocalype, we have been very much in the dark about anything now for any Hunter updates. We are far from polished across all specializations, but I feel Survival is in dire need for some kind of change. What can this spec bring to a raid group?

I hope this small tidbit of insight gives players a decent feel for the major problems with Survival currently in Beta. As much as I love the Marksmanship lovin’, I do not appreciate not being able to have a specialization of a pure DPS class be viable for any aspect of this game-PvE and PvP alike.

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Final thought of the night; What do you think should be changed with Survival? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also don’t forget about the level one Hogger raid to kick off the Hunting Party Podcast SATURDAY, September 27th at 9:30pm central! Just make a dwarf on Icecrown or Malygos, we will be using the original WHU guild! One random raider will receive a free WHU lanyard mailed to them (even if you can’t make BlizzCon!!!)