Baine managed to find Hamuul at the base of Thunder Bluff, examining the wildlife. Not wanting to disturb his advisor, Baine said quietly, “I would seek your counsel, Hamuul.”

Before today, the territory of the empire: Miranda terrain is static. When you place a structure, there is a chance that it will float or buried to some extent. This is due to the fact that the game does not follow the example of flat terrain RTS game from the past, because it is with other mechanics, but are designed to have a more realistic terrain hills and valleys. Added new features to the game has changed, and now let the terrain, in order to comply with the building, as if the workers who built the land has been razed to the ground position, to prepare for the construction of the structure.

It is possible that this new feature may extend to allow players terrain deformation by explosion, making the process more dynamic battlefield. However, the developers Robert Basler pointed out that the “consequence of a large number of wayfinding and gameplay.” Because of this, it is considering, but do not expect very long.