Darkfall: New Dawn Developers Respond To Client Security Concerns

Following the recent news suggesting that Darkfall: Unholy Wars is coming to an end community members turned their hopes to Darkfall: New Dawn but reports suggesting the code featured massive security flaws once again saw the community unsure of the games future – today developers Ub3rgames responded.

Ub3rGames obtained licensing rights from Aventurine which came with Darkfall code that was reported to feature huge security flaws that would put both the integrity of gameplay and accoung safety at risk. Today the team took to the official website to debunk some of the misconceptions and rumors surrounding the licensing agreement, alongside a detailed look at how the development team plan to counter the issues relating to security.

The post states that the team plan to remove all GM & Admin commands entirely with a brand new version of the game preventing outdated or client-side altered clients from connecting, while adding better encryption for client to server communication.

In the long term Ub3rGames hope to convert all of the current Java code to C++, which comes with huge improvements in itself, while also adjusting the client and server communication to feature as much authority on the server side as possible.

New Content Coming to Magerealm


With its latest content update to Magerealm, GTArcade is excited to introduce the Colosseum, a new feature that brings two unique PVP modes to the game. In addition, players can now create their own PVP rooms to test their might with friends and rivals. Log in today and check out all the new features!

Welcome to the Colosseum
Mighty champions must train rigorously to have a competitive edge and the Colosseum will be their new proving grounds. Visceral combat is always the theme of PVP and players can seek out Arena Admin Bern to partake in the new Colosseum PVP modes. Players may choose which mode suits them, according to their prowess and tenacity.

Competition Mode:
To be called the best in Magerealm, players need to continuously prove themselves by challenging and defeating rivals. Players that still thirst for action after finishing the daily errands can compete with others in Competition Mode. This is a place of fair competition. With no level limit, players can pick anyone to duel. Rise above the competition and show the world who deserves to be number one.

Prizefight Mode:
If normal dueling is not enough excitement, players are encouraged to try Prizefight Mode in PVP. The rules are simple; both contestants place their bets and winner takes all. With the stakes ever so high, players need to do their best at controlling their team and utilizing their skills. In this mode, there’s much more on the line than one’s honor.

Players can join countless others in PVP and hone their skills to perfection. Bring your friends and see who is truly the best!

Explosive Sci-Fi RTS, Etherium, Free Week On Steam & Week-long Discount

Tindalos Interactive today offers players the opportunity to wage war on an intergalactic scale as they announce a price discount event and free week for the science-fiction MMORTS game, Etherium. The explosive sci-fi RTS is now available as a free download through Valve’s popular digital distribution platform, Steam, providing an entire week of free-to-play gaming until the event ends on July 20th. Today also marks the beginning of a limited-time sale as various regions across the world can now purchase the game for a huge 50% off.

Etherium sees players manage resources, construct outposts and battle for control over important areas of the map as you crush your opponents with an impressive variety of units, taking the battle to the enemy on land, sea and air. Scientific research also plays a vital role as you’ll need to develop an in-depth tech tree to unlock a variety of new units, upgrades and structures to give you an edge over your opponents.

Unique gameplay mechanics such as dynamic weather systems and active-based battle systems come together to provide the RTS community with a refreshing take in the RTS genre


Gotten Gains Update Part 2 Arriving Next Week For Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Games are excited to reveal that the second installment in the Ill-Gotten Gains update is expected to arrive next week on Wednesday, July 8th, introducing another exciting batch of new content to Grand Theft Auto Online. The new collection of content features extravagant attire, high class transportation, brand new weaponry and the introduction of the radio station, “The Lab”, that was previously only available on the PC platform.

Petrol heads will be happy to see the addition of two brand new vehicles with the stylish Coil Brawler, a vehicle that excels on every terrain whether that be the sidewalks of Vinewood Boulevard or the hills of the San Chianski Mountain Range. Fans of the 2 wheeled variety can look forward to the opportunity to pick up a stunning Dinka Vindicator while fans of ocean getaways can invest in new addition to their personal harbor.

The team have promised to release more details in the coming week including particulars on the next Social Club Event kicking off for Ill-Gotten Gains Part II on Friday, July 10th. They also announced an opportunity for fans that missed last years Independence Day Special event to snatch up some old favorites as they return at a reduced rate.

Test Your Rig Against The Might Of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Heavensward Expansion


Square Enix recently announced the release of an exciting new trailer showcasing the impressive list of features and new content in the upcoming Heavensward expansion for the award-winning Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trailer was first shown during some on-stage time for Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2015 event held in Tokya this past weekend.

As well as demonstrating the impressive array of new content arriving with the Heavensward update, the new trailer will also act as the new official benchmark software for current and future iterations of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn client. The showcase of Heavensward’s new content can be viewed in the video below, with the developers inviting fans to use the new benchmark software that can be downloaded on the official website here.
Heavensward is scheduled to release on PC & PlayStation 4 later this year on June 23rd. Among its more exciting elements are the addition of 3 new playable jobs, several exciting new dungeons, brand new environments to explore and the long-awaited debut of flying mounts.


Co-Op Arena Prison Of Elders Focus Of Upcoming Destiny: House Of Wolves Livestream

Award-winning developers Bungie today announced the next saga in the buildup to Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion with an upcoming livestream event showcasing a new cooperative arena mission, the Prison of Elders. Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6th at 2PM EST, several members of the development team will host a livestream session of the Prison of Elders, an in-game event that sees teams of 3 players fighting to survive constant waves of increasing difficulty for the chance of receiving high-level legendary and exotic rewards.

Present at the event will be Deej (Bungie Community Manager), Matt Sammons (Bungie Lead Designer) and community member ProfessorBroman. The stream will focus primarily on the Prison of Elders event but players are free to ask questions relating to the Tuesday May 19th release of Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves.

Players will be able to match themselves with other Destiny warriors at any time, or form their own team of 3 to brave higher difficulty challenges with the promise of greater rewards. The livestream event is exclusive to the official Twitch channel, so be sure to tune in at 19:00 BST to avoid missing out.