While you are doing a fight in gw2, preparing sufficient gw2 gold is necessary. That means finding a safest place to buy gw2 gold will be important. Well, when you are in level 80, then what can you do?

Do some daily quest

Even though you’ve got 80 level, you can still do some daily quest for gaining achievement points and title experience. For example, you can still do layer of fog broken everyday, which can be used for sublimating rings, while you can only get one a day.

Finish personal epic trip

You’ve got 80 level, but your trip didn’t over. You can also finish the map and try to enjoy some beautiful scenes or make some friends on the road. When you look back one day, you will feel satisfied and proud.

Do some businesses

As we all know, you are able to do almost everything in gw2 as long as you have enough money. You can do some businesses, such as mining and picking some food material and so on. If you are interested in some weapons, you can start your businesses right now. And if you need,can also provide you with a huge stock of gw2 gold on sale. You can use that to make even much money.

Enjoy PVP and WVW in GW2

If you are fond of fighting, PVP and WVW will definitely be your best choice. The essential of PVP are individual skill and teamwork, while the essential of WVW are command technology and teamwork. You can never be the expert unless you’ve practiced a batch of time. You will never be tired of that.
Besides, fighting against boss can also be fun. There is a time table with bosses you can fight. In case you are interested, pay attention to it.

What else can you do? Do you have any other ideas? You are welcome to post ideas and opinions on our gw2 discussion community. And if you need cheap gw2 gold, is always here for you.