He scattered it at his feet and wiped his palms on his robes. Percy hopped from the tree trunk and tore through the seeds in a frenzy of beak and talon.

Now, the team issued a newsletter in the original game studio notice, they’ve added a new commander, imprisoned prince Shadrach closed beta players. Personally, he reminds me straight out of an interstellar Protoss units, but I digress. Shadrach was once a noble planet Namarion of. Seriously injured after a fight left, Shadrach magically transferred his consciousness to a machine, the “prison” made him a “prince imprisoned.” He is a remote magic skill Technohexing, or a combination of technical and magical abilities art. From a quick look at his ability, he seems to focus on DPS.

The Communication also mentioned that incentive programs have been implemented beta players. Currently, you can be rewarded by playing 5v5 game. In the communication used to attract players to find out the reward is a surprise commanders, only know “JP”