In the style of Destiny, players will struggle to land ownership, once the server consolidation is completed, based on the ancient century forum Q & A. Most offensive players compete peak, but it seems there is no way around landgrab. Character after the merger it will be placed in its prohibition of race start area with tutorials, so the fastest feet can grab land they seek.The eldest spoke first. “This is not the way our lands were meant to be used. Baine so far has capitulated to every demand by the blowhard Garrosh, no matter how petty. How much longer can we sit here and watch him slowly give over everything we are to the orcs?”

Complete Q & A compensation package exposition, as well as:

As of now, we are considering for the majority package of a fixed amount of tax certificate and labor medicine. They are also likely to contain a unique title. Eligibility criteria, allocation method, and the final amount of each item is still up for discussion. The amount of the tax certificate or labor basin by the package distribution will be the same warlords who qualify and current land ownership is not adjusted in accordance with all the characters.

Archerage 2.0 Update Release September 12, from 48 hours following the September 10 server consolidation period.