After entering the S position, kill the monsters in Aion on the way and open the 1st unit. Then clear to get guard key K, key guard is two standing together monsters in Aion, and skills on whole again.

Open the door to rush directly to the left 2nd door. There are two dead corners, stand up to kill the monsters at the 2nd door. Then open the 4th device to kill monsters in Aion. If there is enough time, you can get things in the 3rd treasure box, generally there is an ancient stone and an ancient coin bag (15 ancient coins).

Then kill monsters to go to the 5th door. It is better not to kill too many monsters in Aion on the road because they will update. The whole process will have three or four invisible monsters, pay attention!

B Road and C Road in Aion are to open the 3rd door, and then directly below the red door on the 3rd level, the middle will be the first station to block the road, other people immediately cleared away, then rushed the man to continue. If the red dead, the other two continue to punch, punch themselves up to keep up. Up the strange device hit the 2nd point on the 2nd unit.

Hit the K key guardian of the door, and then continue the fight, rushed to the 6th position in Aion, in the middle there will be a stone out of the way, still red man drags strange move, others hit the stone.

Up to the 6th device point, the strange stone beside the destroyed middle two, hit a rock, two people went to the second floor fire hit the door in Aion, a man pull strange, another point shot, a takeoff three.

Ensuring the 4th door opened circumstances, rushed tunnel mouth, the strange cleared away, and then the right of the 110 yard pull over hit. Road C can be washed key strange road in front of K, and B road in Aion in the past to draw people together, law enforcement rapidly, Rush open, nurse brilliant, strange hit the keys, open the device 5:00 a, A Road to You can come.

Then kill with BOSS in Aion, on this road, you’d better prior arrange a person to lead the head in case that in the end nobody can get up.