Earthly things collection (ore, precious stones, cotton, herbs, fish, flowers, etc.) is the refined gas collection, this does not require any cost, just make sure that you do not be killed by monsters in Aion; Aude is collected in air, this difficult point, because the state must continue collecting flight, so the need for flight equipment, flight medicine, etc. (of course, you can not have, that is very slow); currently two are making money, it is difficult to say which pay any more, mainly depends on your area in Aion, if everyone has to adopt Aude, it certainly would be more cheaper, refined gas part is to go to the Advanced monster zone (late), you need to grade support, Aude 300 or less can be collected at the fort.

Refined gas extraction collects materials on the ground in Aion. Aude extract is collected in the air. To make money, the Aude is well earned. After practicing to 399, four hours a day can earn over 400W.

As long as monster’s level is 10 lower than yours in Aion, he would ignore you, but except for elite. Acquisition can actually follow the rating practice, always had the task of collecting the words along with their grades, while also collecting side Daguai heal you want to avoid the monster in Aion, then you have to use radar, your point about the monsters , the radar will show the strange sight, as long as you are not within sight of the red dot, you can ease the acquisition of another trick taught to you, sometimes relatively close distance, you can collect the stuff in the middle, you and there are three-point line monster collecting things, so long as not very close distance, monsters can not see you. Practice playing Aion more.

What are the functions by collecting Aion? We can earn money by selling collected materials in Aion, you can also collect their life skills materials to improve skill points. But the ideal way is to collect money, do not need cost to make money. And if you practice life skills acquired proficiency is not enough, then you can not collect needed materials. Then life proficiency will be naturally greatly affected, so collection in Aion is indeed a good deal, very important!