Guild Wars 2, StarCraft 2 corps or storm?

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This is Christmas, I am unable to hold oneself back to run your business. I love God, but I’m Besch ftigt.obwohl, I have some in the new year’s holiday (I have 12 day holiday, my holiday is extra solder) cycle, if not the majority of enterprises, whether it is slow or shut up. I want to say is a good, long time uninterrupted rest, from January to Christmas game MMO.
Although my StarCraft 2, deliberately ignored everything today, I is guild wars 2 and storm legion, the propagation of the cracks. In every game, I felt an itch, but the account is good, recommend this show…? Everyone is different, in the traditional style of the game, an expanded one, as a completely new experience and other MMORPG is a huge, almost horizontal, the foreign FPS. I, I, I was tired, I think, is the time to establish a new color.
Starcraft 2 is probably the most simple method of no subscription at a certain cost absolutely no start. I know, I may have money to buy things, this is a game, but it was promised a more not. So, of course, FPS, it seems to be the proper methods and in the game, I really need another type of lake, lake is I, I can be with serious long-term plug.
It is hard now. Guild Wars 2 or storm Legion? I like this feeling, I never cracked solder and have the time or the opportunity. I know this is from the traditional MMO model of the root, but it’s not bad. My only extended from a high level of dichotomy seems to be the only one, I don’t know, I think this is a relatively low levels of experience, my comics.
Guild Wars 2, on the other hand, I have a big conspiracy, I have no experience, let it where I buy wow expansion Pandaria fog, but it certainly is my wish list. I have a lot of good things and I’m going to give him a chance, but I have no money. But on the other hand, if you are not my price, I opened a bisschen.50 digital computer games seem to be good and excessive Tate, I buy goods in the game. I’m no subscription fees, but this will have to do is convince me, free mode exceeds the value of a unit of subscription.
Anyway, this is a difficult decision, I don’t want to be in the game or other VA (or save the party’s secret world, it is very tempting to me).Vielleicht I should wait and magic lake, if no other wings, I from Amazon poison saints and all three into Erdem. After all, this is my heart, I want to make-up.
Guild Wars 2 will storm Legion or PlanetSide 2 to select a?