Messi once again wearing a hat and Fifa 15 Coins



Messi: past four games, three hats

In the Spanish derby, Messi once again wearing a hat and Fifa 15 Coins. Messi: past four games, three hats Messi wearing a Barcelona shirt to complete the first 400 goals. Currently, he reached 402 goals for the total number of goals Barcelona. Argentines in the derby has scored 12 goals, surpassing the previous record holder Cesar. Macy recent state brave, there is a hat-trick in three games, respectively, against the Spaniards, APOEL and Seville. Messi’s Barcelona team league top scorer, scored a total of 13 goals, two goals ahead Neymar. Barcelona beat Espanyol made seven-game winning streak in all competitions. Harvey played the first 30 games of personal derby. Derby played for the first time since the 1998-99 season, he has made 20 wins, 8 draws and 2 losses. Busquets completed on behalf of Barcelona first 300 games. He is currently the fifth team to reach this player appearances. And compared against Valencia, Enrique made only one adjustment in the lineup, replaced by Mathieu Rakitic. Pedro scored the first league goals this season.

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