Empire state: Miranda show a new terrain deformation

Baine managed to find Hamuul at the base of Thunder Bluff, examining the wildlife. Not wanting to disturb his advisor, Baine said quietly, “I would seek your counsel, Hamuul.”

Before today, the territory of the empire: Miranda terrain is static. When you place a structure, there is a chance that it will float or buried to some extent. This is due to the fact that the game does not follow the example of flat terrain RTS game from the past, because it is with other mechanics, but are designed to have a more realistic terrain hills and valleys. Added new features to the game has changed, and now let the terrain, in order to comply with the building, as if the workers who built the land has been razed to the ground position, to prepare for the construction of the structure.

It is possible that this new feature may extend to allow players terrain deformation by explosion, making the process more dynamic battlefield. However, the developers Robert Basler pointed out that the “consequence of a large number of wayfinding and gameplay.” Because of this, it is considering, but do not expect very long.

ArcheAge Q & A reveals a new enclosure movement

In the style of Destiny, players will struggle to land ownership, once the server consolidation is completed, based on the ancient century forum Q & A. Most offensive players compete peak, but it seems there is no way around landgrab. Character after the merger it will be placed in its prohibition of race start area with tutorials, so the fastest feet can grab land they seek.The eldest spoke first. “This is not the way our lands were meant to be used. Baine so far has capitulated to every demand by the blowhard Garrosh, no matter how petty. How much longer can we sit here and watch him slowly give over everything we are to the orcs?”

Complete Q & A compensation package exposition, as well as:

As of now, we are considering for the majority package of a fixed amount of tax certificate and labor medicine. They are also likely to contain a unique title. Eligibility criteria, allocation method, and the final amount of each item is still up for discussion. The amount of the tax certificate or labor basin by the package distribution will be the same warlords who qualify and current land ownership is not adjusted in accordance with all the characters.

Archerage 2.0 Update Release September 12, from 48 hours following the September 10 server consolidation period.

AD2460 6 patch brings new interface, territorial conquest

“Show some dignity. There are strangers about,” Reshad chided as he began looking through the fallen scrolls. He picked through them lovingly, as one would handle kaliri eggs. They were old histories depicting arakkoan society before it had been divided between those with wings and the Outcasts. Apocrypha, lore suppressed by the Adherents of Rukhmar in an attempt to
manipulate and brainwash their kind.

If you know that the fifth season, you probably know them best because Planetarion and manage the league creator. In December, they launched a new subscription-based browser MMORTS called AD2460. Today, AD2460 received its sixth major patch. The hotfix introduces a new interface, which includes combat statistics, real-time updates of the new units is considered a more diverse fleet and territorial conquest player.

The core of this patch is to increase the “gas station.” These “ancient mystical station” may be to earn the game’s interests fought over by the players union. The group hopes to join the station and ask the players to defend them, it will bring “a new level of strategy to the game.”

Supernova launch new commander, Shadrach

He scattered it at his feet and wiped his palms on his robes. Percy hopped from the tree trunk and tore through the seeds in a frenzy of beak and talon.

Now, the team issued a newsletter in the original game studio notice, they’ve added a new commander, imprisoned prince Shadrach closed beta players. Personally, he reminds me straight out of an interstellar Protoss units, but I digress. Shadrach was once a noble planet Namarion of. Seriously injured after a fight left, Shadrach magically transferred his consciousness to a machine, the “prison” made him a “prince imprisoned.” He is a remote magic skill Technohexing, or a combination of technical and magical abilities art. From a quick look at his ability, he seems to focus on DPS.

The Communication also mentioned that incentive programs have been implemented beta players. Currently, you can be rewarded by playing 5v5 game. In the communication used to attract players to find out the reward is a surprise commanders, only know “JP”

Nexon company a strategic partnership accord QC games

Nexon company seems to really want to get a greater foothold in western markets. First, they and cliffs Bleszinski boss key production partners, at present, the two sides are to cooperate with Dallas Dickinson quality control of the game. For those of you who do not know his name, as the interstellar Dallas Dickinson, the shadow of the kingdom, and senior producer of Star Wars: galaxies, Production Director BioWare Austin company, where he worked in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

QC game is the latest venture of Dickinson. How he assembled press release called “all-star team” to work in a “blitz multiplayer online action game.” Since Nexon announced in the United States, they have obtained “exclusive worldwide publishing and marketing rights” as the title says, I think it would be safe to assume that it will be free-to-play. Given his history, it might be a safe bet to guess it would be science fiction, but this conclusion may be jumping the gun just a bit.

New team members can see below. Most of the team members seem to have worked in Star Wars: The Old Republic, which means that they have at least nominally in online game development experience.

Gabe Amatangelo, creative director and chief creative officer (shadow kingdom latest creative director, previous work includes Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Dragon Age: Inquisition)
Brian Matt, Technical Director and Chief Technology Officer (Wolfenstein: War, Doom 3, tidal, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Shadow Kingdom)
Jason Rotan, Chief Operating Officer (before the launch, and maintain a wide range of genres and company AAA games, NC SOFT, EA and BioWare company included)
Pat Ditterline, senior (Dark Age of Camelot, Warhammer Online, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
Stefan Lednicky, senior (after BioWare’s long-time veteran who worked in the championship, including Mass Effect, Dragon Age, shadow domains and Star Wars: The Old Republic)
Marcus Hayes, senior (Titan Quest franchise, The Sims, Dragon Age)
Pedro Toledo, artistic director (Star Wars: The Old Republic, the shadow of the kingdom, Dragon Age, rock band, Fable 2)

Get Reloaded WildStar, go F2P September 29

Prospective players to keep the suspense, after a single closed beta stage, WildStar free-to-play re-opened, called “Wild Planet Reloaded,” has a release date. When they put it at the press conference, re-launch of the “more than just a business model conversion,” with a revised new player experience, experience rewards, new content, and so on. Such re-opening will take place on September 29.

Cressen no longer recalled the name the Asshai’i gave the leaf, or the Lysene poisoners the crystal. In the Citadel, it was
simply called the strangler. Dissolved in wine, it would make the muscles of a man’s throat clench tighter than any fist,
shutting off his windpipe. They said a victim’s face turned as purple as the little crystal seed from which his death was grown,
but so too did a man choking on a morsel of food.

To further prepare launch, carbines and NCSoft have announced that they will launch the second beta stage, tomorrow, to all users and those who have been given a beta key. The first closed beta test focused on improving the experience of new players. This test will focus on the economy, allowing players a risk-free environment, all expenses are copied to their live characters introduced later NCoin.