Test Your Rig Against The Might Of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Heavensward Expansion


Square Enix recently announced the release of an exciting new trailer showcasing the impressive list of features and new content in the upcoming Heavensward expansion for the award-winning Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trailer was first shown during some on-stage time for Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2015 event held in Tokya this past weekend.

As well as demonstrating the impressive array of new content arriving with the Heavensward update, the new trailer will also act as the new official benchmark software for current and future iterations of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn client. The showcase of Heavensward’s new content can be viewed in the video below, with the developers inviting fans to use the new benchmark software that can be downloaded on the official website here.
Heavensward is scheduled to release on PC & PlayStation 4 later this year on June 23rd. Among its more exciting elements are the addition of 3 new playable jobs, several exciting new dungeons, brand new environments to explore and the long-awaited debut of flying mounts.


Co-Op Arena Prison Of Elders Focus Of Upcoming Destiny: House Of Wolves Livestream

Award-winning developers Bungie today announced the next saga in the buildup to Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion with an upcoming livestream event showcasing a new cooperative arena mission, the Prison of Elders. Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6th at 2PM EST, several members of the development team will host a livestream session of the Prison of Elders, an in-game event that sees teams of 3 players fighting to survive constant waves of increasing difficulty for the chance of receiving high-level legendary and exotic rewards.

Present at the event will be Deej (Bungie Community Manager), Matt Sammons (Bungie Lead Designer) and community member ProfessorBroman. The stream will focus primarily on the Prison of Elders event but players are free to ask questions relating to the Tuesday May 19th release of Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves.

Players will be able to match themselves with other Destiny warriors at any time, or form their own team of 3 to brave higher difficulty challenges with the promise of greater rewards. The livestream event is exclusive to the official Twitch channel, so be sure to tune in at 19:00 BST to avoid missing out.


How to Use Your Followers


With the right followers, it’s possible to get yourself a piece of genuine Highmaul raid loot without ever setting foot inside the raid. Before you endeavor to do this, you should know that the Dwarven Bunker/War Mill and Salvage Yard are basically required to do this in any sane amount of time. You need both buildings to get enough follower armor and weapon upgrades, as these missions require a roster of ilvl 645+ followers to complete.
Your first raid mission will unlock when you have 3 followers at 645 or higher item level.
The mission should stick around for at least a couple days if you want to spend some time getting other followers ready.
After completing a raid mission, your next one will unlock 2 weeks later.
Any piece of loot from the raid appropriate to your loot specialization can drop, with the exception of weapons. Just like normal drops, these can be warforged, socketed, or have tertiary stats.
The quality of loot is based on your current progression in the raid itself:
Normal caches (ilvl 655 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 0-14 bosses in normal mode.
Heroic caches (ilvl 670 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in normal mode.
Mythic caches (ilvl 685 loot) are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in heroic mode.
Mythic caches plus a bonus of 1000 gold are rewarded if you’ve killed 15+ bosses in mythic mode.

User Interface 6.1 – New Heirloom System


With World of Warcraft patch 6.1, official implementing a new system for managing and using your heirloom items.

When official implement patch 6.1, all heirloom items will be automatically added into the new system and you’ll be credited for them across your account. At the time, heirlooms will be modified to obtain maximum levels that fall into one of three groups: 1-60, 61-90, and 91-100. Your heirloom items will all be grandfathered into whichever group is appropriate, with previous maximum levels being upgraded. This means that if you have an heirloom item that previously maxed out at level 85, it will now max out at 90.
Heirlooms with a View

You’ll use this new system much as you use other collections in WoW. After patch 6.1, you’ll log into a character, open your collections screen (default hotkey shift-P) and all of the heirloom items that you’ve previously obtained on any character in your account will appear there. (Please note that you’ll need to log in to every character that currently has heirloom items in their bags or bank or void storage in order to add their heirlooms to the collection. Heirloom items that are currently in the mail will need to be retrieved before they get credited to your master list.)

You can generate a new copy of any of your heirloom items for any of your characters by right-clicking on it, and the newly-generated item will appear in your bags.

A common question official received about this new heirloom system is, “What’s going to happen with heirloom items that I’ve previously enchanted?” Nothing will change with those items. If you have a piece of enchanted heirloom gear on a character today, it will still be there exactly as before. You can still use it and send it to other characters on your account as always. With this new system, you’ll be able to generate additional, unenchanted copies of that item for your characters.
Mounting up at Level 1

Official also introducing a new achievement and mount reward with Patch 6.1. The Heirloom Hoarder achievement requires 35 different heirloom items obtained on your account, and rewards the new Chauffeured Chopper mount. It’s a mount that can be used by all characters, even brand new level 1 characters. Of course, your new level 1 mage doesn’t know how to operate a mount yet, so he’ll ride passenger while driver Koak Hoburn mans the chopper.
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