GOG Galaxy goes beta, looks rather neat


GOG have announced that their GOG Galaxy client is now available to the public in shiny new beta form.

GOG Galaxy is GOG’s own client, based around the company’s mantra of being DRM free and putting gamers first. As such, it’s entirely optional but has a few neat little features that might convince you to give it a shot.

So, the basics: you’ve got one-click installation of your GOG games, automatic updates, and the ability to download a stand-alone backup copy of the game. You’ve also got a friends list and real-time chat. And, yes, there are achievements.

In the “oh, that’s actually kind of great” camp, there’s also crossplay between GOG and Steam for selected titles that pop up on both platforms, a rollback feature, and the ability to disable basically anything you don’t like. If a patch comes out and it breaks something, or you don’t like the changes it makes, you can rollback to an earlier version of the game. Don’t want chat or auto-updates? Turn them off. Up to you.

But! It’s entirely optional, so if you don’t want to download another client onto your computer, you don’t have to. If you do want to give it a shot, then you can head over to GOG now to sign up, and you’ll be emailed a beta key at some point in the near future.

As this is a beta, a few of the features aren’t in yet; you can’t, for instance, rollback versions right now. The first major game to support GOG Galaxy will be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but GOG reckons that this client will pave the way for more AAA releases on GOG in the future. We’ll see if they’re right.


The newest expansion for Aion, Upheaval, is now live on North American servers! Players can explore the zones of Cygnea and Enshar, challenge themselves with two new raids, Stonespear Reach and Drakenspire Depths, and delve into the new and revised Stigma system to unleash the full extent of their power.

Speaking of the new raids, the first party to defeat the Dragon Lord Beritra in Drakenspire Depths on each server and for each faction “will be rewarded for their bravery and dedication,” according to NCSoft. There’s no word on what exactly that reward is, so I’m going to throw “fashionable bikini plate mail” out there as a wild guess. Yes, even for the dudes. Prove me wrong, NCSoft, prove me wrong.


Post apocalyptic MMOFPS, Survarium, has launched a pretty significant update to the game and players are encouraged to check out some of the key differences Vostok Games has made to the free to play shooter. In the most recent 0.29 update, Survarium not only gets a new map in the heart of London, but also a number of much needed balance and design changes to boot.

Sound design may not seem like a huge deal sometimes, but in a shooter (particularly one that has some type of sniper class), sound can be the difference between homing in on where that last shot came from and looking up just in time to eat a bullet. With this in mind, Vostok Games has completed a sound design overhaul when it comes to weapons. Not only will they feel and sound better when you use them yourself, but echo and environment effects on gun discharges will be a better mark of where your opponent may be hiding.

Graphics have been polished again and we would expect this type of change to continue as the game is updated.

Where the changes REALLY start to hit home is in the balance department. Damage for all weapons has been scaled down. While this initially may sound like a bad thing, other stats (like armor piercing) will now have a little more importance when deciding your next loadout. Vostok Games ensures that the changes overall are in line with a more balanced gameplay and that players will not feel less powerful as a result.

Check out Survarium’s official post for more details and to check out the game.

AB two ways graphic Raiders for National Server Aion4.3 Runes Rest Spot

After entering the S position, kill the monsters in Aion on the way and open the 1st unit. Then clear to get guard key K, key guard is two standing together monsters in Aion, and skills on whole again.

Open the door to rush directly to the left 2nd door. There are two dead corners, stand up to kill the monsters at the 2nd door. Then open the 4th device to kill monsters in Aion. If there is enough time, you can get things in the 3rd treasure box, generally there is an ancient stone and an ancient coin bag (15 ancient coins).

Then kill monsters to go to the 5th door. It is better not to kill too many monsters in Aion on the road because they will update. The whole process will have three or four invisible monsters, pay attention!

B Road and C Road in Aion are to open the 3rd door, and then directly below the red door on the 3rd level, the middle will be the first station to block the road, other people immediately cleared away, then rushed the man to continue. If the red dead, the other two continue to punch, punch themselves up to keep up. Up the strange device hit the 2nd point on the 2nd unit.

Hit the K key guardian of the door, and then continue the fight, rushed to the 6th position in Aion, in the middle there will be a stone out of the way, still red man drags strange move, others hit the stone.

Up to the 6th device point, the strange stone beside the destroyed middle two, hit a rock, two people went to the second floor fire hit the door in Aion, a man pull strange, another point shot, a takeoff three.

Ensuring the 4th door opened circumstances, rushed tunnel mouth, the strange cleared away, and then the right of the 110 yard pull over hit. Road C can be washed key strange road in front of K, and B road in Aion in the past to draw people together, law enforcement rapidly, Rush open, nurse brilliant, strange hit the keys, open the device 5:00 a, A Road to You can come.

Then kill with BOSS in Aion, on this road, you’d better prior arrange a person to lead the head in case that in the end nobody can get up.

Aion collection upgrade and its function

Earthly things collection (ore, precious stones, cotton, herbs, fish, flowers, etc.) is the refined gas collection, this does not require any cost, just make sure that you do not be killed by monsters in Aion; Aude is collected in air, this difficult point, because the state must continue collecting flight, so the need for flight equipment, flight medicine, etc. (of course, you can not have, that is very slow); currently two are making money, it is difficult to say which pay any more, mainly depends on your area in Aion, if everyone has to adopt Aude, it certainly would be more cheaper, refined gas part is to go to the Advanced monster zone (late), you need to grade support, Aude 300 or less can be collected at the fort.

Refined gas extraction collects materials on the ground in Aion. Aude extract is collected in the air. To make money, the Aude is well earned. After practicing to 399, four hours a day can earn over 400W.

As long as monster’s level is 10 lower than yours in Aion, he would ignore you, but except for elite. Acquisition can actually follow the rating practice, always had the task of collecting the words along with their grades, while also collecting side Daguai heal you want to avoid the monster in Aion, then you have to use radar, your point about the monsters , the radar will show the strange sight, as long as you are not within sight of the red dot, you can ease the acquisition of another trick taught to you, sometimes relatively close distance, you can collect the stuff in the middle, you and there are three-point line monster collecting things, so long as not very close distance, monsters can not see you. Practice playing Aion more.

What are the functions by collecting Aion? We can earn money by selling collected materials in Aion, you can also collect their life skills materials to improve skill points. But the ideal way is to collect money, do not need cost to make money. And if you practice life skills acquired proficiency is not enough, then you can not collect needed materials. Then life proficiency will be naturally greatly affected, so collection in Aion is indeed a good deal, very important!

Test Your Rig Against The Might Of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Heavensward Expansion


Square Enix recently announced the release of an exciting new trailer showcasing the impressive list of features and new content in the upcoming Heavensward expansion for the award-winning Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The trailer was first shown during some on-stage time for Final Fantasy XIV Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2015 event held in Tokya this past weekend.

As well as demonstrating the impressive array of new content arriving with the Heavensward update, the new trailer will also act as the new official benchmark software for current and future iterations of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn client. The showcase of Heavensward’s new content can be viewed in the video below, with the developers inviting fans to use the new benchmark software that can be downloaded on the official website here.
Heavensward is scheduled to release on PC & PlayStation 4 later this year on June 23rd. Among its more exciting elements are the addition of 3 new playable jobs, several exciting new dungeons, brand new environments to explore and the long-awaited debut of flying mounts.


Co-Op Arena Prison Of Elders Focus Of Upcoming Destiny: House Of Wolves Livestream

Award-winning developers Bungie today announced the next saga in the buildup to Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion with an upcoming livestream event showcasing a new cooperative arena mission, the Prison of Elders. Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6th at 2PM EST, several members of the development team will host a livestream session of the Prison of Elders, an in-game event that sees teams of 3 players fighting to survive constant waves of increasing difficulty for the chance of receiving high-level legendary and exotic rewards.

Present at the event will be Deej (Bungie Community Manager), Matt Sammons (Bungie Lead Designer) and community member ProfessorBroman. The stream will focus primarily on the Prison of Elders event but players are free to ask questions relating to the Tuesday May 19th release of Destiny Expansion II: House of Wolves.

Players will be able to match themselves with other Destiny warriors at any time, or form their own team of 3 to brave higher difficulty challenges with the promise of greater rewards. The livestream event is exclusive to the official Twitch channel, so be sure to tune in at 19:00 BST to avoid missing out.


The author Wilson is generally departing from Diablo 3

Presently the author Wilson by his own, Processed a line with regards to the Diablo 3 discussion boards, On the subject of tiger woods posting those Diablo 3 development. A major online video sport maker becomes to become or stay picked up. The first allergic typical response around the message boards moreover reddit, Might spectators are happy over your boyfriend’s determination.

From the state user discussion sites:

I want to everybody to be some of the first one to recognize that I’ve created important investment that’s near my best life, And exactly how essentially are inclined to have an impact on one’s destiny of Diablo.

Recently i renowned get seven-Year house warming doing Diablo III, Although it’s resulted in the most exciting and praising amounts of time of warring, I’ve hit an argument artistically specifically how I’m getting excited about using something totally new. Endless where it be at Blizzard were definitely nice sufficient to deliver gamble. Throughout up coming a few months, I’ll be transferring away from the Diablo III product and as well, shifting someplace else from Blizzard. Associated with answer were a pretty basic one cousin, Certainly not one once again. effortlessly, Having said that consequently it’s what i am meets your needs.

Typically very initial thing i would like to assure every body is that the will not detrimentally results our very own current reinforce of the Diablo III. How to play craps was not provided by yourself, Not even it, And the c’s that a majority of added distinct obsession and impressive abilities in it isn’t intended virtually any place. We’ve a good deal of foods calculated money, And the wonderful arrangements will certainly distribute send when customary. Also i won’t you should indeed stay breaking the c’s, And will continue to be at hand in cross over months in the end detect who will control responsibilities as well equally golf contest home.

To that time, You shouldn’t be blown away at you may notice work to do posting for a sport overseer using Diablo III, As we want to assure we experience virtually opportunity to find the perfect direction for you to the present. We’re anticipating finding chore but listening to particular hott recommendations they can offer.

I’m satisfied with Diablo III, And simply without regard to particularly variation oftentimes at length let pass town that will have created almost it. I think I watch out for a lot of problems in running of which relationships, On the contrary the actual motives has been you should use a great casino get, And turn into as uncork and open as it can, And also on the other hand inserting in keeping with the thought the Diablo party has already for the game of craps.

Recognize just a few of you are we can droped shorter than our best wishes to discharge this mmorpg “when it’s handy.” as you are we’re n’t flawless, We try to enjoy the best procedures you can with the text so specifics you’ll find that during the time. Which in turn doesn’t result in many ordinarily make the right choices, It’s just that since a lot of people made an error in judgment then i find myself an excellent’ve made energy to mend in which.

This is exactly what a person rely on away due to Blizzard: We have will on standby personal golf gaming programs and make sure you in many instances greatly enhance consumers eventually. I known the advice to ideas from the city. As an example, Our group contracted the fact Diablo III’s itemization at unveil was bad enough, So they crafted multiple shifts, As well as adjusting move plans, Lso are also-Intonation legendaries, In addition, putting lots of new circumstances to the hand. When i sometimes contracted which a end video clip arena appropriate even alot further deep, So the c’s put in unique competitions, And as well as novel things just as enormous electrical energy floors Paragon.

Responsibility to making our on-line adventure titles as good as they possibly can be will be supports to become a usually Blizzard as characterized a sportbusiness, Hence devotion never ever stops for my family for a dispatch agreed delivery appointment. In conjunction having your improve, We’ll in order to play, Argue, Moreover lower Diablo III, Because we’ve done collectively Blizzard video.

To this ending, Replacement garden 1.0.7 is usually ongoing, Our PTR will exist, And there are several other wonderful landmarks beer making in order over Diablo in 2013. I’m stepping out of Diablo III in pleasant palm, As well my own passing away will not be endanger the move on of the adventure even when we carry on doing anything you do: Enjoy, do, And in addition recover.

You’re the most affectionate, Professional range of players a designer brand can potentially wish to have. I would like it if you take care, And wish to appreciate thus, causing this to be a remarkable experiences for my situation. You want to keep axes clear, Your primary enter textetraining courses ready, In which handy satan down.