AD2460 6 patch brings new interface, territorial conquest

“Show some dignity. There are strangers about,” Reshad chided as he began looking through the fallen scrolls. He picked through them lovingly, as one would handle kaliri eggs. They were old histories depicting arakkoan society before it had been divided between those with wings and the Outcasts. Apocrypha, lore suppressed by the Adherents of Rukhmar in an attempt to
manipulate and brainwash their kind.

If you know that the fifth season, you probably know them best because Planetarion and manage the league creator. In December, they launched a new subscription-based browser MMORTS called AD2460. Today, AD2460 received its sixth major patch. The hotfix introduces a new interface, which includes combat statistics, real-time updates of the new units is considered a more diverse fleet and territorial conquest player.

The core of this patch is to increase the “gas station.” These “ancient mystical station” may be to earn the game’s interests fought over by the players union. The group hopes to join the station and ask the players to defend them, it will bring “a new level of strategy to the game.”