link dead radio: Rewards, Raiders and Replies

Welcome one and all. I’d like to say the blogs are awesome today; extravagant and intricate examples of ideas and idiosyncrasies of our fellow mmo bloggers but I cannot. It is not that day, not that time because they are utterly BRILLIANT … as always. Like seriously. Always amazed at what the blogging community puts out and just wish I hard more time to showcase, comment and write my own lengthy replies here.

Light Falls Gracefully has some entertaining and in depth opinions about the Heavensward content so far

Levelcapped talks about the changes within daily login culture lately, and the movement towards rewards for simply logging in.

In an age takes a stance on the issues with blind choices in games

Bio Break reflects on what makes it hard for them to get into new, and the long gone unplayed mmo’s and the reply at Inventory Full

The Iron Dagger wonders about the difference, and importance of raiders and PvP’ers within the mmo playerbase in terms of content and focus

Amusing event over at Gamers decrypted that asked for of their readers favourite in game whispers. They’re all worth reading so take a peek through the tag.